The source of collecting income tax in India is known as Tax Deduction or TDS return. This tax deduction process is held under the Income Tax Act of 1961. Central Board of Direct Tax managed this process. deductor is defined as a person deducting the tax and dedicatee is the person whose tax is being deducted. Recipient of income receives the net amount (after deducting TDS) which can be in any form cheque or cash credit in the payee’s account. If the payee gives investment proof to his employer for against deductions then the payee does not need to pay tax on his total taxable income. End to end TDS filing integrated and TDS return filing with secured and fast service with VALCUS.


If your TDS is deducted by the income tax department, you are eligible to fill and file a TDS Return online. TDS Return should be filed within a specific period of time. If you become a defaulter you will be liable to pay a penalty to the department for not submitting the e-TDS Return in due time. You need to file your e-TDS return quarterly if your accounts are Audited or having an office under the Government Company. Quickly file error-free TDS Returns with VALCUS. This ensures seamless credit to the deducted. Affordable Price and best service.

Deductor should first get TAN registration. Presently, TAN registration is an essential part and it comes along with company registration automatically.

  1. Kinds of TDS Certificate
  2. Annual TDS Certificate
  3. Quarterly TDS Certificate.

Digital Signature

Digital signature certificate can be used by Deductors to digitally sign the TDS certificate. A verified digital signature on a TDS certificate will be maintained by a checkmark, indifference to the unverified one which bears a question mark.

Cross-Verification of TDS Details

Form 26AS can be used to simplify the cross verification of details stated in the TDS certificate with that of Form 26AS. It is very important that the TDS certificate is verified with Form 26AS. Form 26AS is an annual record that has details of deduction. If there are any mismatches, the concerned taxpayer must get in touch with the deductor for modification of the same.

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